Sociocultural research:
«Artilleriyskaya (artillery) bay – peaceful bay»
Local identity of the Artilleriyskaya Bay in Sevastopol with recommendations for its use in the beautification project
The purpose of the survey is the disclosure of semantic territorial dominants that form the image of the Artilleriyskaya Bay, spatial and mental structures. It was necessary to identify the unique features of the territory, to determine the service and leisure needs and desires of local residents, to form the image of the territory on the basis of its identity and originality.

As a result of the survey, four codes that most accurately describe the local identity of the users of the territory were generated: War, Peace, Sea and Life. Peace in the midst of War, a manifesto of Life — rebirth, restoration and cultural pastime — is what characterizes the Artilleriyskaya Bay in full.

The results obtained are recommended for use in the concept of beautification.
Project team
Management, editing: Daria Raspopina.
Research methodology, scientific editing: Lelya Jvirblis.
Field research and analytics: Alice Barannikova, Maksim Stont.
Field research and desigh recommendations: Svetlana Ilicheva.
Design, report layout: Alexandra Gubina.
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