Derbent Transport Strategy until 2040
Urban projects center Shtab participated in the competition for the development of a master plan for the city district of Derbent.
We have become part of a large international team led by a bureau IND Architects, bringing expertise in transport planning to the project. Our consortium took second place in the final of the competition.

The ideology of the master plan is "Derbent spreads its wings". According to the project, the main vectors of the spatial development of the city until 2040 should be the historical central axis, the embankment and new areas – north and south.
Public spaces and iconic objects of cultural, educational and tourist infrastructure should appear on the central historical axis. The axis is expressed in the green boulevard, giving rise to the city promenade, and goes by cable car to the mountains, where a mountain cluster is being created.

The embankment becomes the hallmark of the Caspian city, it is filled with ecological parks, objects of business, cultural, sports and recreational infrastructure. Moorings are being built. The marine facade of the city is complemented – a combination of modern objects and the old symbol of the city – the Citadel.
The wings of Derbent are developing southern and northern regions — multifunctional planning formations with new housing, jobs, social infrastructure and parks, the tracing of which meets the challenges of nature and represents corridors along which mudflows can be canalized.
Transport Strategy
In the transport part of the master plan, the key problems of the mobility of the city are solved: connectivity, the quality of public transport service and traffic safety. Derbent is connected with the airport, Makhachkala and other cities by regular railway communication, and in the future – by water transport and small aircraft.
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
In the city, eight additional connections appear via the railway and the formation of two transport corridors between the northern and southern regions is completed. Moreover, most of the new routes appear due to the construction of small plots, without requiring huge investments.

The master plan provides for the priority development of public transport. In the short term, a route network reform and the purchase of rolling stock are carried out, after which four high-frequency routes are launched in the city. They connect all the main points of attraction. Between the routes fast and comfortable interchanges are made. The railway begins to be used for intercity and suburban communications.
A set of modern institutional and planning decisions to reduce mortality in road accidents is applied. In the city, starting from the central part, a comfortable and barrier-free pedestrian environment with convenient and safe crossings through the roadway is created during the improvement. A network of separate bike lanes for light mobility vehicles is being created.
We are confident that the consistent implementation of these solutions will make Derbent an attractive, liveable city, improve the environmental situation and give residents new opportunities for mobility.
The project team from Shtab: Daria Raspopina, Maksim Stont,
Ilya Kardailsky, Ilya Petushkov.

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Pages of our consortium partners: IND Architects, SWA Group, Adept, RussiaDiscovery, Knight Frank, Бюро Практика
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