Oymyakon – tested tough
Concept of touristic cluster development
Our first large scale project - development strategy for Oymyakon village, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), is made for national competition
Oymyakon — exotic, the coldest inhabited place on the planet, located, in the words of one of the tourists, In the Middle of Nowhere. Travellers going there want to catch a sense of "difference" from their usual environment: what human body perceives, how cold affects various objects, how physical activity is felt in such conditions. Oymyakon attracts both Russians and international tourists with the main tourist flow occurs in the winter.

Important features of today's Oymyakon are its remoteness from major cities and other touristic sites, a small number of attractions and the absence of an event program, seasonal patterns of the tourists flow.

Because of these features, village of Oymyakon cannot be developed in isolation from other tourist places in the East of Yakutia. In our project, we propose making Oymyakon a key part of regular touristic routes in the Republic of Sakha and between Yakutsk and Magadan.
Routes are made taking into account existing attractions and potential to create new points of interest. On each route viewpoints, food points, sanitary facilities, hotels are planned. To attract tourists and increase comfort from the planning stage prototype of a travel website, mobile application and navigation system have been developed.
Spatial development decisions in the Oymyakon master plan respond to the urgent problem of flooding on the village territory. Currently during the flood water occupies the main street. We proposed to move the center of the village to the south and to develop area in different directions. In a territory that is not affected by flooding, we proposed to place a tourist information center — a central element of new touristic infrastructure of Oymyakon village.

Public facilities are distributed throughout the village. Natural park plays a significant role. It should be created on the site of the flooded area between the old and the new center. The park consists of bridges passing over natural plantings. Other significant proposed objects are: a greenhouse bar, a boat station, a restaurant by the water, a farm and a hotel in nature, consisting of several separated dwellings distributed across the virgin territory. An impressive view of Oymyakon and its surroundings opens from the observation tower.
The architectural highlight of the project is Antibanya. This is a year-round attraction-museum of cold - a set of halls with different temperatures, from 0 to -71.2C. Halls are arranged in a circle, and the further visitor passes, the lower temperature is. Tourists listen to the guide's stories about what happens to the body and substances at sub-zero temperatures. At the same time, physical experiments are conducted. In the center of the building there is a warm teahouse, where visitors can warm themselves.

Working under development strategy for Oymyakon, we joined forces with architectural bureau Megabudka and company NLTR Praktika. Our consortium was led by the architectural bureau BAZA14, Yakutsk. Center for Urban Projects Shtab participated in the development of all major solutions, but especially focused on the analysis of existing situation of the territory, study of local identity, development of transport scenarios for tourists, digital services and navigation.

Project team from Shtab: Daria Raspopina, Lelya Jvirblis,
Kirill Popov, Alexandra Gubina, Ksenia Nifontova, Vasiliy Stabrov,
Elena Skrebkova, Maksim Stont

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Our consortium partners: BAZA14, Megabudka, NLTR Praktika.
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